if you want your pictures up here too,
please e-mail them to photos@searaymusic.com

[traverse city mi]

  long-haired chinese man, short-haired english guinea pigs

[chicago il]

  i-huei with blue suitcase
  anne in a photo booth
  death of a ladies' man

[milwaukee wi]

  jeff and a bull
  pit stop
  gas diesel

[minneapolis mn]

  how many musicians does it take to fix a toilet?

[moorhead mn]

  greg at the moorhead city hall (in the mall)
  good food and fun at ralph's
  jordan and colin kill time
  tight quarters on stage
  purty colors

[winnipeg mb]

  on the right track
  jordan on his way to the "16 candles" audition
  a window in winnipeg
  celebrating a great indian meal in winnipeg
  backstage heading down
  on stage at the pyramid

[saskatoon sk]

  greg and winston
  greg weighs the options
  under the moon in saskatoon
  jeff and jordan at amigo's
  green light, where's go?
  bright lights

[calgary ab]

  maybe someone can explain this to us?
  jordan pays homage to jack tripper

[edmonton ab]

  greg pays some respect to the canadians
  a mean defense

[vancouver bc]

  we told jeff not to wear the army jacket to the border
  anne prepares to immigrate
  colin, jordan, i-huei worry about making it into canada
  jeff sorts out the details with greg's long lost brother
  brandon talks shop with midnight movies
  getting bored at customs
  jeff and jordan on stage at the commodore ballroom
  anne on stage
  jordan on stage
  i-huei on stage
  the nice people in vancouver
  blurry on stage
  yellow keyboards and people
  the stills

[seattle wa]

  peace pump

[san francisco ca]

  jeff, jordan, and wyatt earp ride the cable car
  anne made a mess of the shirts
  greg laughs it up with friend brett
  live at hotel utah
  live at hotel utah
  live at hotel utah

[driving in california]


[hollywood ca]

  ron on hollywood blvd

[tucson az]

  greg enjoys sleeping in a child's room
  hi, chandra
  in the fish tank
  colin lounges

[albuquerque nm]

  greg on gravel
  under the rocks
  i-huei on sunday
  welcome to the west
  jordan wanders

[driving to denver]

  parking lot frisbee
  buffalo bill
  it's a sign
  dinner in omaha
  sleeping soundly
  morning in the hotel
  heading into the unknown

[minneapolis mn]

  todd the great
  a fine meal at the fine line
  at the gas station

[milwaukee wi]

  our good friends claire and corrie
  backstage at the rave
  patrick metric, liam stills, colin
  anne and brendan metric
  backstage at the rave
  anne, greg, joules metric
  on stage
  some equipment

[chicago il]

  on stage at the metro
  on stage at the metro
  on stage at the metro
  on stage at the metro

[detroit mi]

  greg, jeff, and damore
  soundcheck at st. andrew's
  waiting for the people
  anne and liam
  hands off my shirts
  no comment

[columbus oh]

  cake and a dog

[pittsburgh pa]

  liam stills and jeff with swathi, christine, and davi

[cincinnati oh]

  soundcheck at bogart's
  our new friend stephanie

[lexington ky]

  sea ray plays the hits

[nashville tn]

  could tim snowglobe be any sexier?
  on stage at The End
  on stage at The End

[charlotte nc]

  the lineup
  the sea ray and longwave vans share a private moment
  jordan has a rough day
  home at last
  little mike and a pie

[asbury park nj]

  into the unknown
  jeff, rachel, sarah

[washington dc]

  rock creek park
  greg in the park
  brandon and jordan
  jordan and jeff gallop

[new york city]

  irving plaza 1 [photo by jin]
  irving plaza 2 [photo by jin]
  irving plaza 3 [photo by jin]

[san francisco]

  every day should start like this
  jordan contemplates a future as a sea captain
  on the beach
  san francisco at night
  at twin peaks

[sacramento, roadhouse]

  greg and brandon under the rainbow

[driving to sacramento]


[portland, dante's]
thanks to william hoke for the live pics

  i-huei and the dakine crew backstage
  rhythm section 1
  rhythm section 2

[seattle, crocodile cafe]

thanks to william hoke and Glenn Page for the live pics

  jordan's homemade blanket
  a private concert for colin and jeff
  john welcomes us to kexp radio
  getting ready to rock at 8am
  setting up the camera
  from the other side
  leaving kexp
  at the croc
  in the shadows
  jeff in red
  colorful colin
  colorful jordan
  time to go

[the road to seattle]

  for a smooth ride, it's best to caress the van before driving
  lots of this today
  just passing through
  how to use time wisely at a truck stop
  the view from the back of the luxury car
  a meeting of the minds
  everyone loves a good group shot

[salt lake city, club sound]

  though fast asleep, jeff is ready to work
  brandon, a video screen, and a mountain
  killing time
  dinner on the club's roof
  backstage and ready to rock

[the drive to denver, bluebird theatre]

  home away from home
  howdy from amarillo
  texas breakfast
  good to see our old friend again
  here's to you, colorado
  the climb was tougher for some
  the view from the top
  jordan of the plains
  under the denver sky
  how many guys does it take to hang a screen?
  look at all them people
  sea ray staffers diligently updating the tour journal
  the joys of selling merch

[the drive to denver]

  bowie, tx
  dinner in wichita falls, tx
  the clean plate club
  anne hopes to win a sceptor

[austin, sxsw]

  dj zane lowe mentions the show on bbc radio 1 in the uk [mp3]
  jordan in blue
  greg up close
  jeff and jordan
  colin and anne
  back at the hotel

[driving to texas]


[kansas city, the hurricane]

  ward at the controls
  another day of beautiful weather
  the church introduce anne [audio]
  anne on stage with the church

[minneapolis, first ave]

  party time backstage
  the view from the merch table
  a new sea ray fan
  minnesota's finest
  anne with the church 1
  anne with the church 2
  anne with the church 3

[milwaukee, shank hall]


[chicago, house of blues]

  interview time
  picture time
  the view from the stage

[detroit, magic stick]
thanks to uncle grambo for the live pics

  snowy day in michigan
  thanks for hanging on the rim, i-huei
  live at the magic stick 1
  live at the magic stick 2

[buffalo, mohawk place]

  breakfast with say hi to your mom

[boston, paradise]
thanks to xilia faye for the live pics

  the band

[philadelphia, trocadero]

  greg conducts some business
  jeff checks things out
  the troc
  show time
  the church
  more of the church
  colin and hometown boys hall and oates [video]

[alexandria, birchmere]

  another fine dining experience [video]
  brandon's new video toys
  welcome to the birchmere
  music city, usa
  what a lineup
  on the road again
  giddy with excitement

[pittsburgh - last day of tour]

  a sunny morning in toledo
  the quiet storm, pittsburgh
  checking out the mobius band
  the mobius band
  another evening with the heavenly states
  there we are
  and again
  blurry keys
  post-show fun
  post-show computer
  packing up
  back in brooklyn
  unloading at 7am


  music to start the day
  the first of three clubs on our search to find the show
  the club / mall parking lot
  the bass drum says it all
  setting up
  from the stage
  from the crowd
  jordan and i-huei
  triple guitar assault
  anne, colin, and a hand
  brian jonestown massacre
  toledo's best, jay
  jay's house


  nothing but the best for sea ray
  bed time for colin
  hello, cleveland
  hello, buffalo
  the mohawk place
  on stage 1
  on stage 2
  on stage 3
  on stage 4
  a face off
  colin is mesmerized by marty's world famous record collection
  greg and i-huei marvel at the latest technology

[day off in leland, mi]

  she looks right at home in the woods
  on the road
  a discovery is made
  jordan of the lake
  on the beach
  c. brooks
  jeff, confused
  greg keeps a watchful eye on lake michigan
  anne and brandon
  colin hides in the trees
  anne, clearly not watching where she's walking
  jeff, up close
  jordan of the hills
  nice socks
  know what i'm sayin'?
  brandon derman
  greg, colin, jeff and the setting sun
  greg whips up a mean guacamole
  thanks to quinn, our gracious host
  finishing off the evening with a piano duet

[traverse city]

  beer and hunting, a winning combination
  yes, michigan!
  colin and bullwinkle
  sea ray, the other machine
  on stage
  jordan, anne
  a profile of greg and i-huei
  nice (b)ass
  jeff in red
  greg and asteroids
  brandon and galaga
  at your service
  what's a girl like you doing in a place like this?
  and a good night to you

[ann arbor]

  good morning, iowa city
  breakfast of champions
  there she is
  the blind pig
  on the wall
  the video screen goes up
  on stage 1
  on stage 2
  on stage 3
  on stage 4
  a new sea ray fan

[iowa city - krui radio performance]

  fields of opportunities
  fields of cows
  strangers in a strange land
  at the helm
  the lights of brooklyn, iowa
  pay before you pump
  snack time
  the lovely ben high of krui-fm
  hello out there in radio land
  anne and i-huei
  jordan laughs it up
  little keyboards are fun, too
  yet more keys
  jordan sings for the people
  jeff waits for the on-air sign
  sea ray and iowa city's finest after some delicious chinese food
  jeff at the hotel

[day two in minneapolis]

  a warm welcome
  living in style
  sexy time 1
  sexy time 2
  a competitor
  hard times
  crossing the bridge
  more fun on the bridge
  soundcheck at the triple rock social club
  show time
  ted leo
  colin at the juke
  jordan does the bedrock twist
  jeff at the mirror
  anne at metric house
  happy brandon


  the name says it all
  yes, she's taping the door shut
  snow storm
  getting dark
  crossing the mighty mississippi river
  close, but not quite
  i-huei and colin
  jeff and brandon
  in good company
  while we played, this was going on in the other room of the club. seriously.
  more of that
  it was too amazing to have less than three pictures
  on stage at 7th street entry
  new friends of ours, collapsticator
  loading up the van
  the yellow room
  thanks, tumbleweed and chris
  thanks to the cats, too.


  nap time
  the view from the loft
  milwaukee ave
  we made it
  brandon sets up the video screen
  clown love
  our friends, the eaves
  lookin' good
  anne takes a breather
  the el

[new york]

  home sweet home
  outside the bowery
  pretty in pink
  anne and i-huei check things out
  the only way down from the balcony
  our new friends mojave 3 during soundcheck
  there we are
  and again
  a rare glimpse inside the van
  hitting the road after the show

[driving to nyc]

  pretty much 14 solid hours of this [video]


  the moon guides us to nashville
  but then it goes away
  keyboards and things
  greg and i-huei investigate during soundcheck
  show time
  someone to watch over us


  tim snowglobe, greg, and a patient autograph seeker
  refreshments for all
  poster on a pole
  1st memphis appearance
  on stage
  the many moods of colin
  stuff for sale
  jeff snowglobe and colin
  where's the van? in the shop, of course.
  jeff enjoys the newly-quiet van

[the road to memphis]

  isaac, tina, booker rest area
  tennessee mountains
  colin eyes the competition
  the van and a mountain
  oak ridge, tn

[charlotte nc]

  jeff's having a ball in the south
  everyone else having a ball
  colin reads
  anne climbs
  deluxe accomodations
  ho dots
  it almost looks spacious
  using a small boombox as a car stereo is fun!
  in lights
  sound check
  the show
  the show, again
  "quiver" [video]
  4am with charlotte's finest, little mike

[washington dc]

  anne looks at birds
  we like the metro
  jeff and greg take in a showing of 'alien' at the uptown
  washington monument
  jordan raises the roof

[washington dc]

  the view from brooklyn this morning
  the van enjoys a private moment in maryland
  what it sounds like inside the world's loudest van (video)
  brandon edits new video projections while colin, i-huei, greg and jeff bask in the sunlight
  greg and i-huei after an exhilarating rest stop visit
  trying to fit everything in the van after the show


  a friendly fellow helps jeff give the van a little push
  it really wasn't our idea

[quiver video shoot]

  colin and anne hope the cameras will run out of tape soon
  jordan and colin are up to something interesting

photos by jeff, except the ones that clearly aren't